Welcome, deep thinker.

Are you on a personal quest to be truly human?

At times we all feel stressed, overwhelmed, and a bit lost. We have the freedom to blaze our own trail… But sometimes we can feel miles off track.
You are more capable than you realise.
Let’s craft you a compass and map to your potential.

What Do You Need?


  • Stop feeling so lost or like I’m ‘of track’ from where I planned.



  • I want to manage my emotions better: to read the stars with a free toolkit.



  • I want to feel empowered: connect me with other adventurers.



  • I want to create my own map and learn techniques to brave the wilderness.


There’s so much pressure to be our ‘best self’, yet we’re not given the tools which empower, inspire or energise us.

It’s to stop procrastinating, feel a sense of actual progress, transform your thoughts and finally get clarity on where you’re going, what drives you forward and how you’d like to get there.

I can teach you how to blaze your trail across the wasteland. 

I’m Katy-Rose, and I help deep thinkers and adventurers harness their inner fire, transform negative thoughts and complete their most important quest, before they’re miles off track. 

Where to Begin:

  • If you feel overwhelmed: Grab a guide to the three things you have permission to stop doing
  • Lost? Not sure what you want to do? Complete this worksheet to take the first three steps towards defining your future.
  • Thoughts Racing? Learn mindfulness in three-minutes with this simple exercise.
  • Not Achieving Goals? A manual to create solid, achievable goals.
  • Feel like an Imposter? You’re not alone.

  • Need some personal support?
  • Want to build a personal toolkit of skills?
  • Time to get some clarity on the next step forward?
  • Desperate to balance your time and energy?
  • Building up your self-confidence?

Are you ready to accept your quest?

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I will be the first to admit that before my session, I was a bit sceptical of life coaching. Katy was very down to earth and asked great questions to help me unravel my thoughts and why I may not be reaching my potential in several areas; especially in relation to my career.

Katey, Youth Worker

Image of Mhairi

Talking to Katy helped me articulate things I knew subconsciously, but hadn’t really acknowledged. Talking about it meant that I could properly acknowledge it and actually use that knowledge to implement changes in my life and work schedule, which have had a HUGE knock on effect.

Mhairi, Writer