I help driven people who are reinventing themselves find their new normal. Merging science, self-help and spirit, I teach them to know their why, and access their inner power, without uprooting their whole life so far or sacrificing their wellbeing.

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If you’re like other determined seekers, you are fuelled by a fire you may not understand. You’re self-aware: driven forward by a need to inspire and an inner ferocity to prove you are here for a reason.


Yet, you’re stuck.


Overwhelmed by all the different advice, and no longer trusting your intuition or own decisionsMaybe you’re sick of worrying that you might be on the wrong path.

Low motivation takes over. You go through the motions, trying to balance the day-to-day tasks, disappointed that you don’t feel more alive

That inner fire whispers to you about being more [or in some murmurs, about you not being enough.] 


Something needs to change, but you don’t want to completely uproot the life you’ve spent years building.

You know how to make changes. You know the direction you want to head in. You’re strongwilled and you’ve read all the self-help books.

Most people think you really have a pretty good life: you’re not struggling for the basics and you feel you should be happy. 

But when it comes to living out that inner fire…

It feels So. Damn. Hard.

It doesn’t have to be like this.
I know: I’ve been there.


I’m Katy-Rose. Life designer and re-definer.

Story-teller and Star-gazer. I am parent to two adorable kitty siblings, who I would describe as loving and ‘derp.‘ I write fantasy and science fiction stories, love herbal teas, and have a mild obsession with quantum mechanics. As you do.

I’ve been helping wild creatives and deep thinkers redefine their lives since 2011, when I realised that understanding our inner power is truly a secret weapon for confidence, progress and wellbeing. I still can’t believe we’re not taught this stuff in school.

I was eleven when I first felt broken. And I was twenty-five before I realised just how much control I have over my own life.

It began as a flicker.

My own journey began as a creative child and over-thinker. Over time, I became anxious, obsessive and prone to depression. By the age of eleven, I truly believed I was broken, and I wasn’t quite sure if I could be ‘fixed’. My mind was brilliant at imagining all the fears hiding just around the corner, and my inner fire dwindled under more ‘realistic’ plans.

I felt like a lighthouse with no lens: alight but not able to pierce the darkness outside.

My symptoms were uncontrollable restlessness, an unruly anxiety and a sense of despair. But something pulled me forward. And that spark kept me believing there was a possibility of change.

So I traipsed through the life-hacks, Buddhist meditation, counselling, self-help books, medication and cognitive therapy. I hit my own ‘rock bottom’ a couple of times and unravelled the beliefs I grew up with.


I turned to academics.

In terms of the official qualifications, I hold a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, a Postgraduate Certificate in low intensity CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), and a diploma in Life Coaching. Having said this, I have also taught meditation, yoga and ShivaNata, and am a Reiki practitioner, so there’s a little openness in my methods too.

All because I had to find a way to follow my Inner Pull.

And I was willing to try anything in case it worked.

When I began letting my creativity and intuition grow, writing novels and short stories, something shifted. My light grew stronger.

After a lot of support, experimentation of self-help tools, and time, my inner fire sparked into life. I still have bad days, don’t get me wrong. But I am no longer paralysed by the fear of being broken or overwhelmed by despair.

When I finally realized that I have some control over my path, my obsession shifted to resilience and redefinition.


We are never broken.  

These days, my light has pierced the clouds. My mission is clear: Unlocking that inner power is truly a secret weapon for confidence, progress and wellbeing.

I’ve been featured in Rebel Shine Summit 2018, The Mindful Word, Badassery Magazine, Thrive Global and Best Self magazine.

All lighthouses deserve to shine, to fulfil their purpose of guiding lost ships through the dark.


I’m here to help you understand the power you already have over your life, in the context of the ‘real world.’ Because blending the strands of curious seeking and creative dreaming together in the ‘real world’ of practicality can’t be done in a vacuum. (Positive thinking can be helpful, but it only goes so far.)

That means I help self-aware dreamers to take control of their time and energy, feel confident making decisions, and access the motivation to follow their inner fire amidst the current daily tasks.


You’re more capable than you realise.

It is possible for you to feel strong.

Be that strength in your conviction, in your decisions or just in managing your emotions. You have all the courage you will ever need; you just need to learn to access it.

I use these approaches in the real world to live my life. And now I find myself looking back, knowing that others are struggling to move forward.

I want to live in a world where we recognise our own strength; from children in nursery to teens finding their identity and adults facing the stresses of modern expectations.

If you know you need support to continue this work: 

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