Empowerment & Seeking

5 Curious Things You Didn’t Know About Yourself

I’ve always been that person who strives to understand. It’s a curiosity that I never questioned, it was so innate in my soul. I craved insights and understanding about myself. We Curious Souls Are Not Alone I’ve seen this curious nature labelled under various categories. INFJs from the Myers Briggs Personality Test. Virgos in star signs. Spiritual people. People who practise mindfulness. Minimalists. Lifelong learners. Nerds. Geeks. It doesn’t matter what term you identify with. Read more…

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Emotions & Resilience

Stuck and Not Sure How to Trust Yourself? Start Here.

We’ve all been there: Stuck, lost and no longer able to trust our own decisions.  You feel completely exhausted, uncertain what to do to get out of this slump. You’ve bought the self-help books but are too exhausted to read them. How can you make the right choice? You have ideas, but what do you know?  It’s not unusual to lose that sense of trust in yourself. But that’s a skill we need to get back.  Read more…

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Empowerment & Seeking

The Truth About “I Should be Making Progress Quicker.”

Those of us with an ‘inner pull’ or an itch to ‘be more’ have a firm idea of what ‘progress’ looks like. We seek out validation of our path: mostly in the form of some kind of ‘pay off’ for making specific choices. We look for a sense of achievement to prove our efforts are “worth it.” If I don’t eat chocolate for 2 weeks, I expect to see ‘progress’ as waking without headaches, clearer Read more…

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Reflection & Patterns

How to Make Progress Without Doing Anything More

One of the most frustrating aspects of the productivity and organisation tips out there is that they often focus on doing more; on new habits to begin or things to try out on top of your current responsibilities. But if we’re seeking support for getting more done or being faster, I don’t want another thing to add to my to-do list. So instead of adding more, I focus on the things I have been doing Read more…

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Reflection & Patterns

The One Reason you Should Commit to Taking Baby Steps

If you know me, you’ll know a favourite mantra of mine is that ‘baby steps add up’. I don’t tend to succeed if I try to go for big shifts. Some people get a sense of momentum from big changes. Personally, they exhaust me. So if you’ve tried the new year’s resolution, the big “right that’s it” moment and created a grand plan to change your life… and it hasn’t worked… Hi. You’re in the Read more…

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Reflection & Patterns

5 Myths Holding you Back from your True Success

Being a life designer and re-definer, I’ve come to learn that there are a lot of assumptions, stigmas and myths that stop people from actually making the changes that light them up. Since they block us from making progress on our meant-for-more journey or quest, I thought I’d go through them one at a time. Let’s talk about the reality behind the commonly-held-beliefs that become a constant noise. Each of these points could be their Read more…

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Empowerment & Seeking

6 Steps to Make Any Progress in the Right Direction

We spin our wheels for a few reasons, but the are some to things consider no matter the cause. We put so much pressure on ourselves, and that sense of ‘direction‘ can be so difficult to ‘tame’ or ‘fine-tune.’ Equally, we may feel clear in the path ahead, yet still find ourselves stuck on taking the actual next step. Here are a few things to consider when you’re spinning your wheels, not making progress:   Read more…

Emotions & Resilience

How to Improve Yourself Despite the Shame of Self-Help

If you’re anything like me, you’ve explored the realms of “self help” and “self development” because of that inner fire pulling at you to be more. One of the common difficulties we get caught up in is the assumptions, culture and stigma associated with self development. The shame and the secrecy that can sometimes hold us back.  This may look like avoiding the topic with friends, thinking of other activities to say when asked about any Read more…

Reflection & Patterns

How To Calm Down When Your Body Is Shaking & Your Mind Racing

We all experience anxiety and anger: it’s part of being human. However, sometimes this can take over. Often, it looks like shaking hands and a wobbly voice, heat flushing under our skin and racing thoughts we cannot control. It’s so uncomfortable, yet it comes naturally… I don’t need to explain why it’s important to manage this adrenaline response… whatever stress or difficulty you may face, we all want to feel capable and strong. And for Read more…