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I’m Katy-Rose. I simplify self-help techniques, adapting skills to your situations, and teach you to manage the daily stressors, energy levels and overwhelm, so you can stop treading water, and get productive in your quest.


How are you meant to eat 5 portions of vegetables alongside a gym session, doing your creative craft and still get 8 hours of sleep?! Self-care is great if it doesn’t replace your social life, reading time and exercise all at once.

You know you have the potential to do anything. You’re fiercely determined that one day, you’ll get there. How about we bring that day a little closer?

Is This For You?

– Perhaps you seek more control over your life: from daily decisions to the longer-term experiences.
You want to feel more confident in your choices: knowing that this is the right path for you.
It’s time to shed the guilt and ‘shoulds,’ and follow the motivation to create and craft the life you truly want.
In short, you’re ready to prioritise both rest and fun, alongside those things which lead to lasting fulfillment (even if they’re not quite so fun in the moment!)
Manage the reality: Even last-minute changes won’t frazzle your energy. You’re here to craft the right path for you.

The takeaway for me was twofold: to learn how to feel like I’m managing my time well without having to log it and that I don’t actively schedule downtime minus night-time reading. I realised that small daily tasks work best for me to incorporate habits.

What to Expect

A few specific results people have mentioned from this programme include:

– Insights about how they treat themselves (and what to do about it!)
A focus on how you want to feel, not what needs to be ticked off
Practical methods to manage time better
– Understanding of deeper values and how to bring them into each day
Higher productivity, strategies to push through procrastination
Realisations about what works best for them when making changes
– New ways of looking at how they spend their energy
Understanding how scheduling and routines can work for your lifestyle
– Shared community space to plan together so you’re not facing it alone
Specific tools to craft the time and energy
Methods of reflection, which don’t take a huge amount of time
– Confirmation of their hunches they have felt for a long time

This is a mix of life coaching, psychological theory, neuroscience background, skills-based learning and meditative practises.

I’m always pushing myself harder than I should. The sessions confirmed what I have felt for a long time – that even though I am productive, I still feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled. This program definitely gave me new ways of looking at things.

Give Me the Details!

The programme lasts for six weeks, with five “learning weeks” and one “reflective week.” It covers practical techniques around reflection, visualisation, values, goal-setting, problem-solving, feelings and applying tools to your situation.

Your investment is £199 / $275 for the six weeks, and payment plans are available: I want this to be accessible.

As a member of the programme, you’ll receive the following:
A one-to-one coaching call
2 group calls for personalised QandAs
2-3 practical strategy worksheets for each week
Community group to share wins and difficulties
Email / Facebook group support for two weeks following programme’s end

Katy-Rose seems very down-to-earth and genuine, was very communicative and I felt that she truly wants to be of service.

Enrolment will re-open in WINTER 2018, so sign up your interest on the mailing list below, to be contacted when applications re-open.

Put My Name On The List for Next Time

Limited number of spots available.
If there isn’t enough room this time, you’ll have the option for early access next round so if this feels right, please apply to find out more information when we re-open.

Feel Confident in Your Right Path

Get this free 20-page mapping guide (split into 4 parts) with action-focused worksheets, so you can:
light inner fire confidence trust

+ Gain clarity around your direction so you can make real progress.

+ Learn where to truly focus to craft the life you were meant to live.

+ Gain confidence & trust your own decisions again.

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