Bring About Balance Programme

You aren’t reaching your potential. Not because you can’t see the way.
But because your day-to-day life is out of balance.

How are you meant to eat 5 portions of vegetables alongside a gym session, doing your creative craft and still get 8 hours of sleep?! Self-care is great if it doesn’t replace your social life, reading time and exercise all at once.

You know you have the potential to do anything. You’re fiercely determined that one day, you’ll get there.
How about we bring that day a little closer?

You Seek:

    • Control over your life
    • Confidence in your decisions
    • Motivation to create [and not held back by guilt of ‘shoulds’]
    • Being ready to prioritise rest and fun
    • Management of those last-minute changes without frazzling your energy

You’ll Receive:

Practical tools – understanding how scheduling and routines can work for your lifestyle
Reflective space – a chance to really learn what isn’t working for you
Planning skills – shared community space to plan together so you’re not facing it alone
Value focus – Step back to focus on how you want to feel, not what needs to be ticked off

Although if you love a good list or colour-coded notes, we’ll get on just fine!

This is a mix of life coaching, psychological theory, neuroscience background, skills-based learning and meditative practises.

The Summary:

Week 1: REFLECTION & MENTAL SPACE – Where you currently are. What’s not working?
Week 2: VISUALISE & VALUES – Where you want to go. How it should feel. Getting started.
Week 3: PLANNING + Learning – Applying this to your actual life.Managing the blocks.
Week 4: REVIEW – Review and Maintaining Progress

The Format Includes:

      • A one-to-one coaching call
      • Group coaching calls
      • Three worksheets/exercises each week
      • Community group on Facebook
      • Email / Facebook group support for three weeks following programme’s end

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Limited number of spots available.
If there isn’t enough room this time, you’ll have the option for early access next round so if this feels right, please apply.