Develop the Tools…

…to complete your personal quest.

In this sense, a quest might be a truth to tell, an answer to discover, a project to complete or anything else you feel an unexplainable pull to follow.

Welcome, Adventurer!

I’m Katy-Rose. I simplify self-help techniques, adapting skills to your situations, and teach you to manage the daily stressors, energy levels and overwhelm, so you can stop treading water, and get productive in your quest.

Is This For You?

  • Perhaps you’ve tried a few things: from self-help books to meditation, reward charts or watching TED Talks.
  • You know there’s something missing that can help, somewhere. The solution exists, you just haven’t found one which works for you yet.
  • Maybe you are willing to try new things, because right now, you’re just treading water, or stuck in the mud. In short, you’re overwhelmed and a little lost.
  • You recognise that managing your own wellbeing is key to happiness, to being productive at work, and to feeling empowered in life.
  • You probably know how draining it can be to stay driven and feel empowered within your daily life.
  • Every self-help resource recommends a different path, which is exhausting. You’re here to craft the right path for you.

Aiyana living out her dreams

My call helped me to find clarity in my visions and dreams: to map through what I was excelling at and how I could move forwards in other areas. It gave me the reassurance that I was moving towards my potential and allowed me to see how far I had come, as well as new steps to take for the next leg of my journey.  ~   Aiyana, Nurse

The Process

Mapping Mentorship sessions focus on connecting with that inner fire and transforming your thoughts, actions and energy to blaze a trail towards feeling capable and resilient. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, our work is tailored to get you on the path that fulfils you.

ADAPTABLE: Learn how to implement and adapt methods, so you can apply techniques even after we finish working together.

ACCOUNTABLE: Unlike a book that will sit on the shelf gathering dust after the first week, we walk this path together.

HOLISTIC: Blending academic research from psychology and neuroscience with meditation, reflective exercises and a focus on values and self-knowledge.

PERSONALISED: Guided by what makes you capable in your own right, instead of having ‘The Answer’ and trying to shape you to a specific idea of resilient. We access your intuition rather than rely on external expectations.

PRACTICAL: No ditching of responsibilities, but meeting needs along the way through problem-solving and negotiation.

SMALL STEPS: Focus on the small steps: simple make and add up with consistency. Without the easy wins, it’s easier to lose motivation and stop making progress, so we draw the map ahead so you know what to do next.

ACCESSIBLE: Introvert? Wallflower? The option of typed-only coaching sessions leads to exact notes, and allows for relaxing music as we work together.

The takeaway for me was twofold: learning Sara learns to manage her energyhow to feel like I’m managing my time well without having to log it, and that I don’t actively schedule downtime minus nighttime reading. I realised that small daily tasks work best for me to incorporate habits.  Sara, Badass Writer and Editor

What to Expect

A few specific results people have mentioned from working with me include:

  • Sense of relief about those decisions and projects we carry around for years
  • Strategy around managing emotions and stressful circumstances
  • Knowing what the next step is or what needs to happen to move them forward
  • Confidence with decision making
  • Specific tools to craft the time and energy to re-kindle an old project
  • Clarity on what they want in life; having taken a few moments to step back and re-focus
  • Higher productivity, strategies to push through procrastination
  • Realising all creative people experience Imposter Syndrome, and what it truly means

It was very reassuring, especially the way Katy managed to break things down into manageable steps with a really positive focus. Angharad is mapping out her potential futureI always find it a bit daunting to talk about goals – I have a tendency to go after everything at once – but I found talking with Katy really constructive.   ~  Angharad, Apothecary

Give Me the Details!

We begin with a free intake consultation to check we’re the right fit.

Then, we book in the first of six 50-minute sessions over Zoom or Skype to begin reflecting, exploring and planning.

In between each session, you have access to email support for those in-between-moments when you just get stuck!

At the end of each session, I’ll send you a summary of our discussion, a customized action plan of practical steps to move you forward and any extra helpful resources to craft your individual resilience toolkit.

This six session package costs £240. (Payment plans are available at no extra cost.)

Let's Get Started!

What Happens Next?

After you book your session via the application form, you’ll receive the calendar link to book our free consultation.

If we both feel that this is a great fit, you will be sent the full details, a link to pay, and a set of in-depth questions to guide our first session. (This act of reflection can create shifts in your mindset by itself.)

Ready to unlock that energised, fulfilled self you’re seeking?

Let's Plan Out Your Quest!

Talking to Katy helped me articulate things I knew subconsciously, but hadn’t Mhairi working on her potentialreally acknowledged. Talking about it meant that I could properly acknowledge it and actually use that knowledge to implement changes in my life and work schedule, which have had a HUGE knock on effect.   ~   Mhairi, Writer