We all have something which pulls us forward:

| a truth to tell | an answer to discover | a project to complete | a dream to live |
I call this pull “potential”, the journey ‘the wilderness’ and the path the ‘quest’.

I’m Katy-Rose.

A wild woman, a fierce warrior and spiritual ‘being.’ My work covers a range of wellness topics: meditation and mindfulness, productivity processes, neuroscience, happiness, spirituality, authenticity, overwhelm, applying theory to real life, motivation & habit-changing. 

I support practical dreamers, scholars, and introverts to develop a personalised tool-kit of reflective skills and practical techniques to balance day-to-day tasks with their dreams, goals and personal quest. We explore your wilderness, your path, and then craft the map to move you forward. 

I believe recognising the downturns of life can be done with kindness; that we are more resilient and capable than we often realise.

We all walk the wilderness at some point.

You’re in the right place if you want to:

  • Apply tools you’ve read about to your actual situation
  • Make progress on those wild or creative projects
  • Understand what’s blocking your path
  • Re-discover your motivation and drive
  • Reflect without meditating for hours a day
  • Manage all your quests without burning out
  • Feel like you’re floating downstream, not just treading water or fighting the rapids.

Are you ready to craft your path ahead?

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