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We all have something that pulls us forward:


| a truth to tell | an answer to discover | a project to complete | a dream to live |
I call this pull “potential”, the journey ‘the wilderness’ and the path the ‘quest’.

I’m Katy-Rose.

A wild woman, a fierce warrior and spiritual ‘being.’ My work covers a range of wellness topics: meditation and mindfulness, productivity processes, neuroscience, happiness, spirituality, authenticity, overwhelm, applying theory to real life, motivation & habit-changing. 

I support practical dreamers, scholars, and introverts to develop a personalised tool-kit of reflective skills and practical techniques to balance day-to-day tasks with their dreams, goals and personal quest. We explore your wilderness, your path, and then craft the map to move you forward. 

I believe recognising the downturns of life can be done with kindness; that we are more resilient and capable than we often realise.

We all walk the wilderness at some point.

You’re in the right place if you want to:

  • Apply tools you’ve read about to your actual situation
  • Make progress on those wild or creative projects
  • Understand what’s blocking your path
  • Re-discover your motivation and drive
  • Reflect without meditating for hours a day
  • Manage all your quests without burning out
  • Feel like you’re floating downstream, not just treading water or fighting the rapids.

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Before my call with Katy, I was feeling extremely tired and needed help working out how to tweak my current ‘routine’ or ‘habits’ to help with making healthier, more nourishing lifestyle choices. The session was very uplifting, and although structured, sparked deeper perspective and paths to explore.

Talking with Katy helped me see that I was being hard on myself and just took the pressure away. Ironically, I am meditating more just through being more gentle on my expectations of myself following our session.

Kelly, Nourishing Baker & Mother

The takeaway [from mentorship] for me was twofold: learning how to feel like I’m managing my time well without having to log it, and that I don’t actively schedule downtime minus nighttime reading. I realised that small daily tasks work best for me to incorporate habits.

Sara, Writer and Editor