We all have something which pulls us forward:

| a truth to tell | an answer to discover | a project to complete | a dream to live |
I call this pull “potential”, the journey ‘the wilderness’ and the path the ‘quest’.

You were plodding along, when BAM.

Crisis of confidence. Fork in the road. A sleeping Pokémon blocks the way!

You’re frustrated. You worry about wasting time, not completing your reason for being, or never being happy with how your life is. And yet this sense-ofmore still pulls at you…

You’re in the right place if you want to:

– Apply tools you’ve read about to your actual situation
– Re-discover your motivation and drive
– Reflect without meditating for hours a day
– turn that ‘pull’ or sense of purpose from dream into action
– Manage all your quests without burning out
– Feel like you’re floating downstream, not just treading water or fighting the rapids.

I’m Katy-Rose. I teach dreamers (creative souls, helping professionals and deep thinkers) who identify with a sense-of-more to stop feeling stuck or lost, and get back on the right track by managing the daily steps it takes to walk their Right Path, no matter how “unrealistic” the dream.

I support frustrated dreamers to become purpose-fuelled doers.

We all have an inner drive guiding our path, and the best way to fulfil our sense of purpose is to understand that inner fire. I focus on connecting you with that strength using both practical skills and intuitive tools.  

Because you want to turn that inner feeling into practical steps you can actually take.

We all walk the wilderness at some point. It’s easier when you can read the map.

My work covers a range of topics: meditation and mindfulness, productivity processes, neuroscience, happiness, spirituality, authenticity, overwhelm, applying theory to real life, motivation & habit-changing. 

I believe we are more resilient and capable than we often realise.

When we understand that drive, we gain access to our true motivation and clarity on the direction.

Melding the intuitive dream with practical steps, and making small changes, you can tweak your steps until you’re walking your Right Path. Rather than claiming to see your path, I give you the skills to craft the map, so you can make changes as needed.

Are you ready to craft your path ahead?
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