Cat-parent, herbal tea drinker, mental health campaigner, star-gazer and Resilience Mentor.

Uh… A What? 

I’m glad you asked.

Resilience:  the ability to walk the ‘wilderness’ and bounce back from obstacles.
Mentor:   teaches, guides and coaches skills and techniques to others.

Put in simpler language, I support over-thinkers and practical dreamers to work with their intuition and their rational mind together to complete their goals, helping them to navigate the practicalities and doubts in their path.

I have traipsed through the life-hacks, positive thinking, and Buddhist meditation, hit my own ‘rock bottom’ a couple of times and unravelled the beliefs I grew up with. I mix the theory from my degrees, reflections from Life Coaching training and skills-teaching from my real-world experience to help mentor scholars and dreamers create a system which works for them.

You are resilient.

If nothing else, you have survived every difficulty you have experienced. Humans are incredible when it comes to keeping hold of hope, staying driven and pushing through obstacles. And you’re now here.

The session was very uplifting, and although structured, sparked deeper perspective and paths to explore. Talking with Katy helped me see that I was being hard on myself and just took the pressure away. Ironically, I am meditating more just through being more gentle on my expectations of myself following our session.  ~  Kelly, Nourishing Baker

I am resilient.

As a teenager, I re-wired my brain from an angry, easily-startled worrier to a determined, capable being. As a young adult, I learned karate, taught meditation and researched well-being.

As an adult, I studied Psychology, Neuroscience and Cognitive therapy. Seeking answers I couldn’t find in self-help books and academic settings, I worked with young offenders with anger problems, parents in the social services system and patients with lived mental health experience.

I have seen many facets of human experience. And I know, from experience, that with the right approaches, we can make a serious impact on managing that everyday stress and move on from just treading water. I’ve combined my experience in clinical settings with my training as a coach and creative to develop personalised toolkits for over-thinkers.

You can thrive.

I believe that getting the balance between our potential dreams and our day-to-day tasks shouldn’t be so hard to create. You are capable of completing those tasks without burning out and feeling so overwhelmed.

When you pause, reflect and have the tools to use, that inner voice speaks. You know what you need to feel alive.

Katy-Rose is fabulous. She gently pulls back the layers to show you Mhairi working on her potential the real problem and then walks you through the issues to find a solution. She’s just brilliant. I strongly recommend her to anyone having trouble focusing and finding their way forward. You must work with her!   ~   Mhairi, Writer

My mission, (which I have chosen to accept), is to explain the tools and help you apply those techniques to develop a personalised system of strategies to get you to your destination: and to shape that vision from your true values.

Together, we build a practical and mental toolkit to complete your own personal quest and get you through ‘the wilderness’: be that a creative project, a fierce act of kindness, a search for truth or a work of honour. Our work thrives on great conversation, creativity (of course!), being open to the slightly-weird, humour, and honest reflection.

Let’s Do This.

Let's Get Started!

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I will be the first to admit that before my session, I was a bit sceptical of life coaching. Katy was very down to earth and asked great questions to help me unravel my thoughts and why I may not be reaching my potential in several areas; especially in relation to my career.   ~  Katey, Youth Worker


  • I float between INFJ and ISTJ, if personality types are your thing.
  • I care for two beautiful cats, who I would describe as loving and ‘derp.’
  • I’m also a Virgo, Metal Horse, with Scorpio moon & rising signs if you’re into those labels.
  • I believe fitness is part of wellbeing: so I strength-train, dance and rock-climb.
  • I’m learning to grow fruit and vegetables. Slowly. (So far, bell peppers and cucumbers are successful.)
  • I write fantasy and science fiction novels and short-stories.
  • I also get quite excited by stationary, especially if it allows me to colour-code things.
  • You can contact me here with any questions or comments.