I support academic creatives and practical dreamers to achieve the sense-of-purpose that often gets buried under overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion.

What I mean by that is I help them take control of their time and energy, feel confident in their decisions, and access the motivation to follow their inner fire amidst the daily ‘real-world’ tasks.


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My own journey began as a creative child and over-thinker. Over time, I became anxious, obsessive and prone to depression. My mind was brilliant at imagining all the fears hiding just around the corner, and my inner fire dwindled under more ‘realistic’ plans.


I felt like a lighthouse with no lens: alight but not able to pierce the darkness outside.

So I traipsed through the life-hacks, Buddhist meditation, counselling, self-help books, medication and cognitive therapy. I hit my own ‘rock bottom’ a couple of times and unravelled the beliefs I grew up with.

When I began letting my creativity and intuition grow, writing novels and short stories, something shifted. My light grew stronger.


I will be the first to admit that before my sessions, I was a bit sceptical of life coaching. Katy was very down to earth and asked great questions to help me unravel my thoughts and why I may not be reaching my potential in several areas; especially in relation to my career.   ~  Katey, Youth Worker

about katy-roseAfter a lot of support, experimentation of self-help tools, and time, my inner fire sparked into life. I still have bad days, don’t get me wrong. But I am no longer paralysed by the fear of being broken or overwhelmed. 

When I finally realized that I have some control over my path, my obsession shifted to resilience and redefinition.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

These days, my light has pierced the clouds. My mission is clear: Unlocking that inner power is truly a secret weapon for confidence, progress and wellbeing.


All lighthouses deserve to shine, to fulfil their purpose of guiding lost ships through the dark.

The sessions were very uplifting, and although structured, sparked deeper perspective and paths to explore. Talking with Katy helped me see that I was being hard on myself and just took the pressure away. Ironically, I am meditating more just through being more gentle on my expectations of myself.  ~  Kelly, Nourishing Baker

I’m Katy-Rose, and I’ve been helping wild creatives and deep thinkers redefine their lives since 2011. 

I am parent of two adorable kitty siblings, who I would describe as loving and ‘derp.‘ I write fantasy and science fiction stories, love herbal teas, and have a mild obsession with quantum mechanics. As you do.

In terms of the official qualifications, I hold a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, a Postgraduate Certificate in low intensity CBT, and a diploma in Life Coaching.

Having said this, I have also taught meditation, yoga and Shiva Nata, and am a Reiki practitioner, so there’s a little openness in my methods too. 

We have a fierce power inside.

And with the right channel, we can light up the world around us. After all, that’s how we fulfil that deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Let’s talk about focusing your creative energy without the self-doubt:

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What really struck me about working with Katy-Rose was how quickly she understood and validated the difficulties I experienced with the vague, “inner-only” approaches to self-improvement. She knows the inner and outer worlds need to be integrated for people to accelerate their potential. I’m heartened she is in the world doing this work!”   ~  Kyrina, Creative Activist


Ready to feel lit up with confidence and energy?

light inner fire confidence energy+ Stop worrying about wasting time and back-tracking in order to make actual movement forward towards doing.

+ Move from exhausted, confused, and anxious to being focused on the right direction and feel confident when faced with that sense-of-more within.

+ Face the fear, slow down panic weasels and plan out your creative path so you always have a compass to follow.

Craft the path you're fired up to walk.

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