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Empowerment & Seeking

Re-framing: How Perception Is More than Just Lying to Yourself

On Friday afternoon, following a particularly stressful day working for a mental health project, I found myself burning out. I wasn’t angry, nor particularly sad, but I felt under pressure and desperate to get home: emotionally exhausted. About 3 minutes from home, at a roundabout where people often go despite the traffic coming their way, a car pulled out in front of me. I had to break suddenly, my fight-or-flight system throwing adrenaline around my body so I could Read more…

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Reflection & Patterns

The Myth of Fresh Starts: How to Stay ‘On Track’

There is a culture of wanting ‘fresh starts’, usually focusing on making new choices. Most of us have experienced ourselves, or someone we know saying “oh, well I’ll start again tomorrow / next week / in the New Year” when that person has made a choice that does not fit in line with their overall goal. People have a few ways of describing behaviour, but today I want to think about ‘falling off the wagon.’   Firstly, Read more…

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Empowerment & Seeking

How To Craft Goals Primed for Success

You’ve tried to make a change, but it’s hard to reach your goal and make it stick. Habits are difficult to control, and those New Year’s Resolutions never last… You are not alone. Humans are habitual creatures, and making a change can feel like a lot of work. But there are some strategies you can use to maximise your chance of making the change, and really feel accomplished as you progress towards your goal. This Read more…

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Reflection & Patterns

Motivation to Change: Willpower and Asking Yourself Why

As a general rule, humans like things they are comfortable with. We like certainty, which is a common reason we experience worries: the unknown can be scary! Even if we know what is going to change, or have a change we wish to make, there is a massive mental block between wanting things to improve, and actually making that leap into the unknown of changing it. Motivation depends on energy, on how we perceive things improving Read more…

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Reflection & Patterns

The Hidden Strength of Stories: Perception and Perspective

“Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I disagree. Words are powerful. Stories define us. Signed, verbal or unspoken – words can create and destroy. They have started wars, expressed love, changed beliefs and ended injustices.  Our language is powerful, yet often used carelessly. Humans, in cultural history, seek understanding of the world around us and wish to share that knowledge with one another through stories. These tales connect us Read more…