…in your daily life.

This is for all the brave, creative soul-searchers who are meant-to-be-more, yet struggle with their energy and purpose.


You know you have the potential to do anything. You feel a sense-of-more, a life quest pulling at you, a calling for you to complete. You’re fiercely determined that one day, you’ll get there.

But you’re overwhelmed. You know your purpose, but you struggle with time, energy, attention, and fitting it all in. How are you meant to eat 5 portions of vegetables alongside a gym session, doing your creative craft and still get 8 hours of sleep?!

Still, the pull to reach that potential is strong, and you just *know* you have to reach it. How about we bring that day a little closer?


Do you:

– Procrastinate on taking action towards achieving your life quest.
– Seek more control over your life: from daily decisions to the longer-term experiences.
– Need help with consistent action to actually complete your goals.
– Struggle to focus on the ‘right path’ to follow, instead going after everything at once.
– Worry about wasting time, back-tracking or losing momentum.
– Know, deep down, what transformation could look like for you, and beat yourself up for not reaching it yet.

It doesn’t need to feel so hard.

We all have moments of excitement and motivation: you’re excited by the pull of your Quest, the meant-for-more sensation, the New You. Yet, the moment things don’t go to plan, you fall off the wagon, or the wagon runs off the road…

Imagine tackling the path to your meant-for-more quest with energy, enjoyment and confidence in your ability.  It doesn’t need to feel so damn hard.


– Knowing when to push against resistance and when to pause
– Recognising how to balance those day-to-day tasks
– Having productivity strategies to push through procrastination
Understanding how you spend your attention so you can ensure you have some energy left at the end of the day
– Being able to focus on how you want to feel, not what ‘to-do’ items you need to tick off
– Learning how routines you already use can be more effective
– Confirmation of intuitive hunches you have felt for a long time

– Practical methods to manage time better
– Knowing reflection exercises which maximise rather than drain your time

These are exact results from people who have taken this 8-week online programme. That’s where the Mapping Process can change your life. Shifting from feeling lost and overwhelmed, to taking consistent action towards your meant-to-be-more life. 

Without requiring hours upon hours of trial and error.

How it works:

This eight-week online group coaching programme is a dip-your-toes-in course of reflection, motivation, values and energy.

We Cover:

– Weeks 1+2: Start Here – We begin with a “You Are Here” Approach, so that you know what’s working, what you’ve tried and how you got to this place. You’ll Learn About: Reflection, Values, Journalling, Motivation & Finding Direction.

– Weeks 3+4: The Path Ahead – Once we know where you are, we can plot the course ahead, finding that landmark to aim for. You’ll Learn About: Visualisation, Mindfulness, Managing Overwhelm, Planning & Taking Action

– Weeks 5+6: Managing Obstacles – In this fortnight, we cover common obstacles of both the planning and making progress aspects of your Life Quest. You’ll Learn About: Stress & Burnout, Transitions, Kaizen, Problem-solving.

– Weeks 7+8: Beyond the Course – Finally, we end with individual coaching calls so you can implement the tools which work for you. We’ll also learn how to review the path for when the next crossroads appears. We’ll Focus On: Closure, Pausing + Maintaining Progress.

What Happens:

  • An intake questionnaire before we begin so that our live-time is tailored to solutions that work for you.
  • Weekly lessons so that you can learn how to map out your path ahead.
  • Practical worksheets focusing on strategies to help you immediately, in a simple format so that you have clear, realistic steps towards your potential.
  • 2 live group Q-and-A calls so we can problem-solve specific issues as they arise.
  • Email support that provides daily access to my knowledge so you can put those skills into practice.
  • 2 tailored one-to-one coaching calls at the end of the programme to solidify your plan to move forward.

You Gain:

– Higher productivity strategies to push through procrastination
New ways of understanding how you spend your energy
– The ability to focus on how you want to feel, not what ‘to-do’ items need to be ticked off
– An understanding of how routines you already use can be made more effective
– Confirmation of intuitive hunches you have felt for a long time
– Practical methods to manage time better
– Reflection exercises which maximise rather than drain your time.

Following the programme, seekers have gone on to inspire children in schools, publish that poetry book, & build a consistent meditation practise for their own wellbeing.

Put Me On The List!

Why me?

I’m Katy-Rose. I teach stress-management and energy-building skills to take you from feeling lost and overwhelmed to balancing your life. All so you can finally make progress towards your Life Purpose.

If you’re into qualifications, I hold a few of them: BSc Psychology, MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, PGCert Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a Diploma in Life Coaching. Yes, I’m a lifelong learner and a bit of a nerd. How could you tell?

People say:

I’m always pushing myself harder than I should. The sessions confirmed what I have felt for a long time – that even though I am productive, I still feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled. This program definitely gave me new ways of looking at things. Katy-Rose seems very down-to-earth, genuine, and I felt that she truly wants to be of service.

~ Dawne, Team Leader

“The takeaway for me was twofold: learning Sara learns to manage her energyhow to feel like I’m
managing my time well without having to log it, and that I don’t actively schedule downtime minus night time reading. I realised that small daily tasks work best for me to incorporate habits.”

~ Sara, Badass Writer and Editor

Ready to Bring about more Balance?

The investment for the eight-week programme is £299 / $385.

We’re currently closed; get on my mailing list if you want to know when we next open!

Let’s break free of this ‘mid-year’ slump and make 2019 a success. It’s not too late.

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