Living our best life sounds like so much work. Especially when it’s already so hard to find life balance with our current life!

Making the most of the day every day, giving every moment 100%… It sounds tiring, at the very least, doesn’t it? I can feel the weight upon my shoulders just typing that sentence. 

Well, it doesn’t have to be hard. Honest.
Which is one reason I created the Bring About Balance programme.

Life Balance is one of those highly-valued aspects some people claim doesn’t even exist. After all, how is it even possible to ‘balance’ everything? Food, work, sleep, play, health, family, friends, creative pursuits and that pull of that potential best self… It’s overwhelming. 

What Is Life Balance?

The word ‘balance’ itself doesn’t just refer to things which are ‘equal’ but can refer to being in the correct ‘proportions.’ Eight hours of sleep may be an aim while eight hours of eating would be too much. Well, for me anyway.

Some people say balancing your life isn’t even possible. Assuming some definitions, I agree. However, if we think of balance as the ‘right amount’ of each thing for each of us to thrive, then it’s not only possible, but easier than it may first seem.

Especially when looking at the projects you are filling your life with. If you struggle with knowing how much is “too much” to expect of the human brain, check on out the 7 Things Rule.

If you’re ready to explore bringing about more balance in your life, let’s dive in.

The Foundations

My personal definition has shifted over time, but I focus on two key foundations: consistency & adaptability.

#1 – ‘Can I keep this going?’

Is This Sustainable?
I live with a balanced work-life-hobbies-family routine. Whenever I check in with myself, I ask if I am able to maintain the current routine with the aspects I’ve chosen.

This includes keeping my current projects going. Right now, I have 8, although I don’t do all of them every week. Meditation, writing fiction, coaching calls, day-job, exercise, family and friends, housework and reading.

Sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes, it’s the answer is no. if not, something has changed, or needs to.

life balance work project notes sticky planning equal

#2 – ‘How do I manage change?’

What If Something Changes?
The second part of that question focuses on what might need to give, if the time or energy is required to shift. Nothing is static in life. Holidays and family visits take up our time. Transitions like new jobs and illnesses take our energy. Even choosing a new habit to focus on can take more energy than first anticipated.

So, in my list of “general activities for a fulfilled life,” I do have some priorities set. Knowing which things are negotiable makes those days so much less stressful when the cat woke me up 8 times in the night and I need to fit a nap in during my usual workout ‘slot’.

How to keep track of those priorities will differ for each person. Rather than use a bullet journal, I have a habit tracker which gives a very visual list of what I’m achieving and what gets prioritised.

This May I committed to a new habit of meditation. Thus, for now it has a higher priority. This week, I haven’t completed my 3 usual workouts. I’ve worked out three times a week, in general, since 2016, so this is a habit I let lapse when I need to, knowing it will come back without too much stress once things settle down again.

And if it doesn’t, then I can shift things again.

Define What You Want

So, once you believe that, with the right mindset, balance is possible, we can define how that would look and feel for your life.

Firstly, define your vision of successful balance or “reaching your potential” or however you word it. How will you know when your life feels balanced?

  • Will it be waking up in the morning feeling awake and alive, and not needing a ton of coffee or multiple naps to get through to bedtime?
  • Perhaps it’s a gentle transition between each task in your day; without feeling the need to rush from one thing to another?
  • Even being able to fit in one extra event into your schedule because you’re got that in-versus-out energy flow balanced.

The way you play the game is determined EXCLUSIVELY by your objectives.
That means that until you define what balance looks and feels like for you and your objectives, you won’t know how to get closer to that goal, or if you’re close to reaching it. Much like knowing your current level, exploring what you want to achieve is the only way to measure progress.

If you’re uncertain about defining life balance for yourself, or prioritising things in order to make things equal, you values are a good place to start.

What are your Values?

In a coaching course last year, we were asked to pick three core values. I was surprised by how hard it was to settle on the final one. The first two came easy, but by the end, they felt just right.

My Top-3 Values:
Truth. (Loyalty/justice/honour)

These show up in everything I do.

Most of my conversations end up suggesting a way to build resilience and help someone feel more capable. When I began experiencing depression as a pre-teen, there was a belief in human strength and my ability to survive.

I make decisions based on what I know to be true, on what I said I would do, on what feels right. My whole life has been driven by the inner compass that is my curious seeking nature. Being a seeker is part of who I have always been. 

My friend Ellie posted last week about her experience of values, so check out her post if you want to explore this more!

How does this apply to Balance?

I ensure that one aspect of my life is about learning and self-growth.
I only make commitments to thinks I know I can keep.
I consider the best tools of resilience and capability to manage my wellbeing when I consider what I will prioritise.

So I ask again. What are your values?

Once you know what has guided your life up to now, you’ll have an idea of that inner spark, that fire that motivates you every day. And that means that even on the more tiring days, you will feel some level of motivation to follow your life-schedule, knowing that it will help you feel balanced.

What does Balance mean for you?
How does it look?
How do you manage the shifts of daily stress, events and illness?
And what will you do once you ‘find balance?’
Start there.


Want more balance in your life? Check out the details of Bring About Balance here.

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